Saturday, February 15, 2014

Back to School - Week 1 @ NYU Stern

3 Years, 4 Months and 16 days. That's precisely the duration of sabbatical that I forced myself into from blogging.  For long, I have been trying to get back to blogging, but reason, impetus and more importantly motivation pulled me back.

But I couldn't call for a better time to reignite my passion for writing than on a day when I started my journey of a long cherished dream. Yes, today, I started my MBA program in NYU Stern School of business. As I go through the 3 odd years of rigor, learning, trial, tribulation, fun and reason through this program, I intend to pen down my  experience at school. It's an open invite for every one to join me in this fun ride. While, I will try to ensure that I pen down every week's experience, at times, because of lack of time, I may miss few weeks'. Please excuse me.

The clock struck 9 AM and the Statistics professor started his lecture. 9 AM to 9:30 AM, the 30 minutes on Feb 15th 2014, was probably the most harrowing experience I have ever had. My head started to swirl and I started hallucinating. Soon, the reality struck me that it has been 10 long years, since I sat in class room. By the time I gathered my senses and leaned forward to pay attention to the class, I heard professor say - '...and that's how data is analyzed through Stem and Leaf method'. There it goes. I need to get back to the class recordings to get back to the concept. Of course, my wife, who has already finished her MBA, and who has worked as a financial analyst, promised me that she will help me with the concept. But folks, am sure you would know that all promises come with a catch. Especially the ones made by a wife, come with a very very big catch.

Overall, it was a great and enthralling experience on the first day. The greatest learning, or should I say the greatest insight that I got today was -  I am 1 degree separated from President Barack Obama. Thanks to Prof. Anat Lechner.